SKARV – Bird collision avoidance system

Illustration showing the concept of the SKARV innovation, which will help avoid collisions between birds and wind turbines.

SKARV is a bird collision avoidance system which uses cameras to detect approaching birds, and artificial intelligence to predict their trajectory. The wind turbine can then adjust the pitch of its blades to reduce its speed and prevent a collision. Read more about SKARV: How can control engineering save birds in wind farms?

ConSite Wind – Consensus-based siting of onshore wind energy development

Interface of the ConSite Wind application

ConSite Wind is a Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis toolbox (S-MCDA) that is useful to build consensus, optimise spatial planning and improve transparent decision-making processes during the planning and licensing phase of wind energy projects. ConSite is designed to perform a combination of modern multi-criteria evaluation and decision analysis techniques for optimal siting of wind-power plants […]