132kV collection grids

Map of the North Sea showing power and H2 connections.

Design of 132 kV collection grids for decreased harmonic interactions between turbinesA transition towards higher inter-array voltage level will be necessary to reduce the total number of cables needed and losses related to power transfer at lower voltages, as windfarms and individual turbines grow in power output. There are several technical challenges related to this […]

Subsea connectors for large-scale floating wind farms

Illustration of a subsea substation with wires connected to it and an inset highlighting a wet-mate connector.

Floating wind in deep waters offers a huge energy production potential but is still at an early stage of development. For far-from-shore floating wind farms, the transmission costs including inter-array cabling account for almost half of the total costs. Improved and innovative power components are therefore key to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) […]

Advanced ancillary services from wind farms

Abstract illustration of wind turbines with network nodes.

Ancillary services are supporting services required by the power system operators to maintain correctfunctionality of the power system. Future power systems with higher share of renewables will be characterised by lower inertia and potentially weaker frequency regulation. Provision of ancillary services from large wind farms will therefore be even more crucial. A virtual synchronous machine […]