Workshop on the cost of offshore wind

On 19-20 June, NorthWind hosted a workshop at the picturesque Fredriksten Hotel, perched atop Halden with stunning views of the sunny city. The goal of the workshop was to better understand what determines the cost of offshore wind, and to develop ideas for a cost model of offshore wind.

Day 1 - Workshop on cost of offshore wind

On 19 June, work package leaders presented their ongoing research aimed at reducing the costs associated with offshore wind energy. The discussions included detailed models for cost reduction, highlighting innovative approaches and technological advancements.

John Olav Tande, Inger Marie Malvik, Henning Braaten, Svein Sævik and Marte Gammelsæter.

The workshop concluded with a collaborative sticky note exercise, where participants shared their fears and hopes for the future of offshore wind. This exercise underscored the complexity of the challenges ahead, emphasising the need for standardisation and collaboration across the entire value chain. Participants also considered external factors such as geopolitical, environmental, and social challenges, recognising that a holistic approach is essential for the sustainable development of offshore wind energy.

Left to right: Petter Støa, Elling Rishoff, Torunn Claesen, Kjetil André Johannessen, Audun Johanson, Ana Page, Anne Marie Seterlund, Inger Marie Malvik, Henning Braaten, John Olav Tande, Marte Gammelsæter, Geir Olav Berg, Andreas Lande, Svein Sævik and Andreas Stavnes Halland.

John Olav Tande, Ana Page, View from Kristiansten Festning and Petter Støa.

Day 2 - Visit to the Nexans cable manufacturing facilities

On 20 June, we had the pleasure of visiting our partner, Nexans, at their state-of-the-art cable manufacturing facilities in Halden, Norway. This visit provided an excellent opportunity to witness firsthand the advanced technology and innovative processes that Nexans employs in their production of high voltage subsea cables.

The Halden facility, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, has undergone significant expansion to meet the growing global demand for electrification and energy transition solutions.

Left to right: Torunn Clasen, Stein Erik Skillhagen, Petter Støa, Andreas Hallan, Elling Rishoff, Geir Olav Berg, John Olav Tande, Anne Marie Seterlund, Ana Page, Henning Braaten, Marte Gammelsæter, Inger Marie Malvik, Birgit Hernes and Audun Johanson.

The plant incorporates the most advanced cable production technology to date and features a second extrusion tower which will allow the plant to insulate four cables simultaneously in addition to the two existing lines. This is the tallest building in Norway and the country’s first skyscraper.

We also toured the state-of-the-art electricity lab, where we got to know more about the rigorous testing procedures to ensure the highest quality of their products which demonstrated Nexans’ commitment to delivering reliable and durable cables. Our team was impressed by the dedication and expertise of the Nexans staff.

"We must reduce the cost of offshore wind - and it is possible to do so. However, it is equally important to understand that not everything can be measured in cost per kilowatt-hour. Environmental and social factors must also be considered. At NorthWind, we aim to develop knowledge on how these aspects can be balanced"
NorthWind Research Centre Leader John Olav Tande
John Olav Tande
Centre Director