Wind power: Norway wants to give more say to municipalities

The government will strengthen the role of municipalities in planning and developing onshore wind power. The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy propose to introduce requirements for area regulation under the Planning and Building Act before a concession can be granted under the Energy Act.

“We will give local governments more control in processes linked to the development of wind power on land, says Sigbjørn Gjelsvik (SP). Increased involvement of municipalities and local communities is necessary to give legitimacy to the processes, better local anchoring and better adapted solutions.”

The government is now launching a consultation regarding the proposed changes to the Energy Act and the Planning and Building Act. Interested parties have until 23 February to send in answers to the consultation process (the link is in Norwegian).

Essentially, the government’s proposal is to change in the decision-making process. Until now, the municipalities have taken a position on wind power during the concession hearings. The government now proposes that a broad clarification of land use be made according to the Planning and Building Act through area regulation – before a concession is granted.