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The North Sea as a solution to the climate and energy crises

ARENDAL – August 15th – The North Sea can play a central role in solving both the climate and energy crises, according to a report released today by SINTEF and NTNU.

The report, to which FME NorthWind contributed, was presented today at Arendalsuka, an important stage for societal debate in Norway.

It contends that green transition solutions in the North Sea can alleviate problems such as the high energy prices experienced in Norway and the uncertain European energy supply in the context of the Ukraine war.

The North Sea as a solution to the climate and energy crises - an event at Norwegian political lobbying festival Arendalsuka.

Immediately following the presentation at Arendalsuka, a debate focused on three recommendations by SINTEF and NTNU to better leverage the potential of the North Sea for solving the climate and energy crises. Here are the recommendations:

  • Norway should create a roadmap and action plan to realise the North Sea’s future energy system together with other North Sea countries
  • Norway needs to increase Research and Innovation cooperation with other European countries, to ensure value creation
  • Norway has to ensure the whole process is knowledge-based and inclusive

The report was made by five research centres led by SINTEF and NTNU: NorthWind (SINTEF – wind energy technology), HYDROGENi (SINTEF – hydrogen ammonia as carbon-free fuels), NCCS (SINTEF – carbon capture and storage), LowEmission (SINTEF – emissions reduction in the oil and gas industry) and NTRANS (NTNU – energy transition strategies).

Download the report (report in Norwegian).