Discussing offshore wind at Utsira (Taken at a previous event). Photo: Sara Heidenreich

“People and offshore wind” workshop explores just development and local participation

FME NorthWind and FME NTRANS recently held a workshop titled “People and offshore wind” (in Norwegian: Folk om havvind) to discuss how to carry out a just development of offshore wind, while ensuring local participation. The overarching goal is to achieve sustainable and inclusive energy production.

Among the topics discussed were societal challenges, the developers’ experiences and the potential for value creation locally at Utsira. The meeting gathered research scientists and industry partners. Another workshop is scheduled for the fall of 2024, to continue the work. The workshop is part of a user case about people and offshore wind initiated by Fred Olsen Seawind as part of NorthWind, in collaboration with NTRANS. Byantropologene is responsible for privacy and implementation of the project.

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