NVE logo overlayed on blurred image of offshore wind turbines.
NVE logo overlayed on blurred image of offshore wind turbines.
NVE logo overlayed on blurred image of offshore wind turbines.

NVE issues recommendations for offshore wind and power grid development

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) just released a report outlining key recommendations for the development of offshore wind projects and their integration with the power grid. The report, commissioned by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (OED), focuses on streamlining processes and increasing predictability for entities involved in building and owning offshore wind farms.

Inga Nordberg, Director of the Energy and Licensing Department at NVE, emphasised the importance of these recommendations in ensuring decisions are made on a solid foundation and at the appropriate time. “Our aim is to facilitate efficient processes and enhance predictability for the stakeholders who will construct and own the offshore wind facilities,” Nordberg stated.

The NVE report identifies four critical milestones in the offshore wind development process: opening of new areas, call for tenders, allocation, and approval of the detailed plan leading to the start of construction.

NVE’s recommendations are structured around these milestones, particularly focusing on when various clarifications about grid connections should be made. These recommendations vary depending on whether a hybrid or radial connection is proposed between the offshore wind farm and the onshore power grid.

The four key recommendations by NVE are:

  1. Granting of offshore wind farm concessions at the allocation stage.
  2. Initiating grid development before the selection of the offshore wind operator.
  3. Assigning Statnett, Norway’s state-owned power grid operator, the responsibility for grid development up to the allocation of offshore wind areas.
  4. Ensuring a sufficient knowledge base is established before opening new offshore wind areas.

Notably, NVE developed this report independently, without involving industry stakeholders or other interested parties. The agency cites time constraints as the reason for this approach. The full report is available for download, offering a comprehensive overview of NVE’s vision for the future of Norway’s offshore wind energy and its integration into the national power grid.

Read the full report (in Norwegian): Innspill til forvaltningsregime for havvind