Computer-generated image showing NEKKAR ASA's concept for a self-climbing installation tool.
Computer-generated image showing NEKKAR ASA's concept for a self-climbing installation tool.
Illustration: NEKKAR ASA
Computer-generated image showing NEKKAR ASA's concept for a self-climbing installation tool.

NorthWind partners awarded funding for two new Green Platform projects

Two projects involving key FME NorthWind partners have been awarded substantial funding through the Norwegian Government’s Green Platform Initiative.

WINDRISE: Revolutionizing Offshore Wind Substructures

Led by Aker Solutions AS, with Project Leader Magnus Eriksson (SINTEF) at the helm, the WINDRISE project was allocated 68.44 million NOK. This ambitious initiative aims to develop a sustainable, cost-effective solution for large-scale production and deployment of offshore wind substructures.

WINDRISE seeks to adapt over five decades of leading technology from the oil and gas sector to a more sustainable system for the mass production, transport, and installation of renewable offshore wind energy substructures. This transformative approach will play a crucial role in accelerating the transition to affordable and clean energy, enhancing the competitiveness of the involved partners both in national and global markets.

The consortium includes a wide range of expertise, with partners such as BOA Offshore AS, Ernst-B Johansen AS, Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult AS, Sarens AS, Scanmudring AS, SINTEF AS, SINTEF Manufacturing AS, SINTEF Ocean AS, NGI, and Windstaller Alliance AS.

Optimization of Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance

The second project, led by NEKKAR ASA with Anne-Line Aagedal (NEKKAR) as the Project Leader, focuses on the optimization of maintenance and repair of offshore floating wind turbines. This initiative was awarded 75.25 million NOK. The goal is to develop products and services that enhance the sustainability of offshore wind by facilitating the replacement of main components at sea, thereby achieving significant reductions in time, costs, and lost revenue due to downtime.

Key partners in this project include DOF AS, Intellilift AS, Kongsberg Maritime AS, NORCE Teknologi/Energi Agder, SINTEF Ocean AS, Sustainable Energy AS, and Universitetet i Agder. The project will develop a remote-controlled, self-hoisting lifting tool that will significantly reduce the cost and environmental footprint associated with wind turbine installations and major component replacements.

The Green Platform initiative

The funding for both projects was granted by the Norwegian Government under its Green Platform Initiative, which aims to stimulate larger and more rapid investments in green, sustainable solutions and products. These projects are particularly relevant as Norway has committed to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 and establishing 30 GW of offshore wind power by 2040.

Both projects not only represent significant strides in sustainable energy innovation but also highlight the collaborative spirit and expertise within the NorthWind Research Centre’s partnership network.