Norway has good conditions for producing offshore wind power for the international market

Free continuing education course “Introduction to offshore wind” offered by NTNU

In February 2023, a continuing education course in offshore wind will start at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). This first iteration of the course is financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, and therefore free for students.

 “Introduction to offshore wind” is a single course designed to give a basic insight into the main principles of how offshore wind power works, and the environmental impact it has on its surroundings, with a focus on four aspects:

  • Dynamic construction analysis of offshore wind turbines,
  • Electrical infrastructure and system integration,
  • Digital solutions for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, and
  • Sustainable development of offshore wind power.

“This is an enormous opportunity. With this, offshore wind will become a huge industry. In a long-term perspective, offshore will be much bigger than oil for Norway,” said course coordinator Professor Trond Kvamsdal in a related blog post for NTNU.

The language of the course will be in Norwegian, but can be taught in English if necessary. It will be possible to submit assignments and exams in both Norwegian and English.

The course is open to anyone employed, on leave or looking for work in the oil and gas industry. The application deadline is 10 January 2023.

You can find more information about the course and how to apply on the NTNU website.