Wind turbines at Fosen.
Wind turbines at Fosen.
Fosen Vind is a complex of six onshore wind farms located on the Fosen peninsula, in Trøndelag.
Wind turbines at Fosen.

Deal reached in Fosen wind case

The long-standing dispute surrounding Fosen wind has reached a resolution.

Nord-Fosen siida, a group representing local Sami reindeer herders, and the Norwegian government, along with Roan Vind DA, have agreed on a settlement that seeks to balance the interests of renewable energy production and traditional reindeer herding. No wind turbines will be dismantled as a result of the agreement. As part of the settlement, Nord-Fosen siida will have veto rights over any operation of the wind farm after the concession period has elapsed.

In terms of financial compensation, Roan Vind DA is committed to paying Nord-Fosen siida an annual sum of 7 million NOK until 2043, amounting to a total of 175 million NOK over 25 years. The actual total will be higher, since the annual payments will be adjusted for inflation. Additionally, the government will allocate 0.1 øre per kilowatt-hour generated by the wind farm directly to the reindeer herding community, a measure which is estimated to yield an additional 2 million NOK annually.

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Støre, expressed relief at reaching an agreement, acknowledging the strain on the Sami community and emphasising the state’s responsibility to learn from this experience to avoid similar occurrences in the future. The settlement, according to Støre, marks the cessation of the human rights violation acknowledged by the government last year.

The deal follows a separate agreement, reached in December of last year, about the southern part of the wind farm.

Read the government’s news release about the agreement: Agreement between Nord-Fosen siida and Roan Vind