Marine Operations and Logistics

Developing methods and tools for efficient and safe marine operations and logistic planning for installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms.

Work Package 2 is lead by Petter Andreas Berthelsen and Henning Braaten from SINTEF Ocean, and Zhen Gao from NTNU. Its focus areas are installation and replacement, vessels and access solutions and offshore wind farm logistics.

Anticipated results:

  • Digital twin for more efficient marine operations
  • Safe and robust access solutions
  • Optimal logistic planning for marine O&M


Developing efficient and innovative installation/access methods and optimised maintenance strategies is the key to enable massive deployment of future offshore wind farms and to reduce OPEX.

Methodology and research tasks

Installation and replacement operations.

Blade installation/replacement and seabed preparation methods.

Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for offshore wind turbines

Advanced simulations for vessel design optimisation and onboard decision support system (ODSS) for walk-to-work (W2W) operations.

Offshore wind farm (WF) logistics

Installation and decommissioning logistics, predictive maintenance logistics and industrialisation of supply chain.