Offshore wind turbines in the sunset
Offshore wind turbines in the sunset
Offshore wind turbines in the sunset

Webinar – Connecting Large Quantities of Offshore Wind: Offshore Bidding Zones

NorthWind collaborated with Ocean Grid and UiO (University of Oslo, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law) to organise this webinar about connecting large quantities of offshore wind.

The webinar was held by Assistant Professor Ceciel Nieuwenhout, from the University of Groningen.

When: 31 January 2023, 13:00-14:00

You can visit the webinar’s webpage on UiO’s website.

About the topic and the speaker:

The North Sea coastal states have ambitious plans regarding offshore wind energy. The current system of bidding zones (extension of onshore bidding zones) is not fit for large quantities of offshore wind. In this presentation, dr. Ceciel Nieuwenhout explains the issues with the current bidding zone system, especially in combination with hybrid assets (cables that serve both to export wind energy and to facilitate trade between countries). Afterwards, she goes into a promising solution, namely offshore bidding zones. She explains the concept and the relevant considerations, as well as the legal framework for such new bidding zones and the consequences it has for wind farm developers and cable owners.

Dr. Ceciel Nieuwenhout is currently an assistant professor in Energy Law at the Groningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability, University of Groningen, the Netherlands.