Offshore cables going into the sea.
Offshore cables going into the sea.
Offshore cables going into the sea.

Webinar: Certification and standardisation in offshore grids

Compatibility and interoperability among offshore wind parks and grids: the role of certification and standardisation

The first Offshore Network Development Plan released by ENTSO-E in January 2024 shows the increasing integration of offshore electricity grids and the role to be played by hybrid offshore wind projects. This raises the question of interoperability and the need for standardisation between assets developed as part of offshore grids. Particularly, the integration of a high number of converters delivered by various manufacturers will raise the question of the compatibility between different technologies. During this webinar, we discussed existing schemes such as project certification of the complete offshore wind farm, grid readiness, grid code compliance and regulatory and legal tools that can be further developed to ensure interoperability in multi-terminal, multi-vendor, offshore HVDC systems.

When: 19 March 2024, 13:00-14:00
Venue: Online

The link takes you to the UiO website.


  • Sille Grjotheim, Director and Country Manager for Renewables Certification in Norway, Energy Systems in DNV. She is also a board member of the Ocean Grid project. She has extensive international leadership experience, working for DNV in various countries more than 30 years with certification, classification as well as having served on the Board of DNV for 9 yrs.
  • Assistant Professor Ceciel Nieuwenhout, University of Groningen. Dr. Ceciel Nieuwenhout is currently an assistant professor in Energy Law at the Groningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. She participated in various EU-funded HVDC-related projects, such as PROMOTioN and Ready4DC, and currently participates in InterOpera.
  • Professor Dr. Catherine Banet, University of Oslo, Head of the Department for Energy and Resources Law, Norway. Her legal research activities focus on energy market design, energy transport infrastructures regulation, renewable energy and notably offshore wind, support schemes and alternative financing models, climate change mitigation measures including carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen regulation. Prof. Banet has a background from the private law practice (Norway, France), the European Commission (DG ENV), U.S. diplomatic mission and academia.