9th IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things

The 9th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2023) is the premier event of  the IEEE IoT Technical Community, a multiple Society initiative aggregating the wide expertise inherent to the IoT domain. This year, the theme for WFIoT 2023 is “The Blue Planet: A Marriage of Sea and Space”.

When: 12-27 October
Venue: Centro de Congressos de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

NorthWind at the conference

NorthWind PhD candidate Florian Stadtmann attended the conference to give a presentation titled “Data Integration Framework for Virtual Reality Enabled Digital Twins” together with a proceedings paper.

More about the event

Overall the World Forum will consist of:

  • Plenary Program addresses all registrants for the IEEE WFIoT2023. It consists of speeches and presentations from the foremost technologists and industry leaders in IoT, in key subject areas critical to the success and acceptance of IoT.
  • The Technical Paper Program is the main technical track aimed at the Research and Academic community and consists of Technical peer reviewed papers with an emphasis on novel and original results and advanced ideas important and relevant to IoT and its future.
  • Special Sessions consist of peer-reviewed papers and interactive presentations focused on a selected “hot” research topics of importance to IoT.
  • Workshops consist of peer-reviewed papers, presentations, panel discussions, and summary results about advanced and important topics relevant to IoT.
  • Industry Forums consists of presentations and panel discussions aimed at research topics important to industrial and business related IoT issues.
  • Tutorials will provide detailed technical information about key technologies essential for developing IoT-related hardware, software, systems, and operations.


  • Vertical and Topical Tracks cover designated topics important to IoT in general and to the host region. Leading experts will lead interactive presentations, focused on topics of importance to IoT practitioners, addressing aspects of actual IoT implementation, adoption, deployment, and operation.
  • Women in Engineering (WIE) Forum facilitates discussion about topics related to women in the IoT community, in areas that affect industry, the public sector, and the research community.
  • Young and Professionals (YP) Forum provides a world-wide opportunity for networking, information sharing, and exchange of opinions among young professionals in research and academia, business, industry, and in engineering practice.
  • Entrepreneurial Forum will brings together startups, small and medium business owners, incubator organizations, and venture capitalists, to share experience that will help manage and grow and successful IoT companies.