Electrical Infrastructure & System Integration

Developing reliable and cost-effective electric power components and system solutions to enable profitable large-scale deployment of offshore wind energy in the North Sea.

Work Package 3 is lead by Eirill Bachmann Mehammer from SINTEF Energy Research and Magnus Korpås from NTNU. Its focus areas are electric power components and system integration of wind energy (WE).

Anticipated results:

  • Reliable and cost-efficient electric power components for
    energy collection
  • Optimised electrical architectures and operational solutions
    for cost- and energy-efficient grid connection


Large-scale offshore wind power can be collected, transmitted and integrated in existing electrical
power systems in a cost-efficient and reliable manner.

Methodology and research tasks


AC-based export systems, thermal-electrical cable models, subsea substations, new component design, models for degradation and lifetime assessment.

System integration

Development of a framework for transient analysis and stability assessment of large hybrid AC/DC power systems offshore, advanced ancillary services provision from WFs, models to identify economically robust offshore grid configurations and improved legal and regulatory framework.