Researcher training constitutes a significant part of NorthWind’s activities. We are expecting 27 PhD grants to be funded by the Centre, including 10 in-kind grants by NTNU and UiO.

In addition, there will be an effort as part of NorthWind to have more bachelor and master students at NTNU and UiO specialising in wind
energy (target of 200 MSc/BSc). This represents a unique recruitment base for the industry partners. Researcher training will be provided by NTNU and UiO, in cooperation with associate research partners.

Joint PhD Programme in Offshore Wind Energy

Through the NOWRIC collaboration, NTNU, SINTEF and DTU established a Joint PhD Programme in Offshore
Wind Energy to enable collaboration through co-supervision and one-year exchange of at least 4 PhD-students. NTNU and DTU also have a Joint Nordic Master’s degree programme on Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering with a study track ‘System Integration of Wind Power’.

NorthWind Winter School

An annual meeting place where young researchers from all over the world can hear new ideas, methods and theories within the wind energy field. It will be organised in connection with the EERA DeepWind conference and will consist of a series of lectures on a selected topic given by international experts with time for the exchange of ideas and networking.


An individual research plan will be developed for each PhD candidate based on the Centre’s research needs. Collaboration groups between PhD students, supervisors, SINTEF researchers and relevant industry partners will maximise synergy and integration at task level. Research will address scientific and technical knowledge gaps to achieve the Centre’s goals. PhD students and their supervisors will present their research at leading international conferences and annual NorthWind meetings and seminars.

International Academic Networks

The Centre will facilitate and fund PhDs to stay abroad with collaborating universities. Industry partners will
provide short-term internship positions for innovation case studies. International exchange of research
personnel with academic networks and internship arrangements with the Centre’s industry partners will
contribute to knowledge exchange between the academic communities and the industry.

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