SKARV – Bird collision avoidance system

Illustration showing the concept of the SKARV innovation, which will help avoid collisions between birds and wind turbines.

SKARV is a bird collision avoidance system which uses cameras to detect approaching birds, and artificial intelligence to predict their trajectory. The wind turbine can then adjust the pitch of its blades to reduce its speed and prevent a collision. Read more about SKARV: How can control engineering save birds in wind farms?

ConSite Wind – Consensus-based siting of onshore wind energy development

Interface of the ConSite Wind application

ConSite Wind is a Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis toolbox (S-MCDA) that is useful to build consensus, optimise spatial planning and improve transparent decision-making processes during the planning and licensing phase of wind energy projects. ConSite is designed to perform a combination of modern multi-criteria evaluation and decision analysis techniques for optimal siting of wind-power plants […]

Two HAM approaches: the NIROM and COSTA

Computer-generated image of code, overlayed with abstract designs.

The main innovation has been the development of the two HAM approaches: the NIROM and COSTA. These methods have demonstrated high accuracy, computational efficiency, and the ability to model the unknown while utilising existing knowledge to the maximum extent. Consequently, they are seen as powerful enablers for digital twin applications. Without this new family of […]

Subsea connectors for large-scale floating wind farms

Illustration of a subsea substation with wires connected to it and an inset highlighting a wet-mate connector.

Floating wind in deep waters offers a huge energy production potential but is still at an early stage of development. For far-from-shore floating wind farms, the transmission costs including inter-array cabling account for almost half of the total costs. Improved and innovative power components are therefore key to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) […]

Optimised power cable installation for coupled tension-torque behaviour

Coiled power cables on a ship next to offshore wind turbines.

For offshore wind turbine installations, the grid of subsea power cables represents a critical infrastructure for transporting the electric energy to the market. This includes both dynamic cables connecting the bottom-fixed/floating wind turbines to the seabed and sections of static cables linking each turbine to the grid and each wind farm to the market. During […]

Laser-arc hybrid welding (LAHW)

Close-up of welding procedure.

One of the most powerful laser welding stations in the Nordic Countries is part of the National research infrastructure for manufacturing, MANULAB, jointly owned by SINTEF and NTNU. In this station we have investigated the influence of several welding parameters in LAHW welding of a thick carbon steel plate, and a first successful weld has […]

Holo Lens digital twin application

Image showing a pair hands overlayed with augmented reality graphics.

Within NorthWind, we defined digital twin as a virtual representation of a physical asset and its applications, including real-time prediction, optimisation, monitoring, control, and improved decision making. Furthermore, we adapted the capability level scales presented in the DNV GL report to serve as a common understanding within the NorthWind consortium. The capability level will now […]

Advanced ancillary services from wind farms

Abstract illustration of wind turbines with network nodes.

Ancillary services are supporting services required by the power system operators to maintain correctfunctionality of the power system. Future power systems with higher share of renewables will be characterised by lower inertia and potentially weaker frequency regulation. Provision of ancillary services from large wind farms will therefore be even more crucial. A virtual synchronous machine […]

COSMO – Computer tool for Optimisation and Simulation of Marine Operations

COSMO is a computer tool designed for analysis of marine operations in the installation phase of an offshore wind farm. It offers a digital representation of the logistical operations of an offshore wind farm, and is designed for early phase planning of offshore wind farm installation, built with a view to: Minimise the total time […]