Sørlige Nordsjø II auction: How long will 23 billion NOK last?

Norway’s first offshore wind auction was successfully completed under an agreement where the state guarantees a stable price for the developers. The total subsidy limit is at NOK 23 billion. How will this work and how long will it take to reach the limit? We did the math for you.

Opinion: Offshore wind in the North is nation-building

The flag of Norway, with blue sky in the background.

Harnessing the advantages of wind conditions in the North is not just about energy security; it’s about fostering thriving communities, job creation, and bolstering national defense capabilities for Norway’s green transition.

Deal reached regarding Fosen wind farm

Wind turbines at Fosen.

A deal has been made between Sør-Fosen sijte and Fosen Vind which effectively puts an end to the conflict between the Sami and wind power developers in the southern part of the Fosen area. Meanwhile negociations are still ongoing between Nord-Fosen siida and Roan Vind for the northern part of the site.