Birds flying in front of wind turbines

6th Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts

The 6th conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts is an internationally recognised event to share and engage in the latest science about the risk of wind energy to wildlife – and how to mitigate this risk. The conference will take place in Egmond aan Zee.

When: 4-8 April 2022

Venue: Hotel Zuiderduin

More about the event

The event encourages researchers, conservation scientists, federal and state officials, NGO representatives and wind industry professionals that have experience of finding innovative and efficient solutions to these environmental concerns to work together and share knowledge. It also looks into the opportunities to enhance nature when developing wind farms. This all promotes a collaborative approach to resolving the key issues faced at wind farms.


The conference takes place every two years and attracts a global audience. So far, there have been five CWW events since the inaugural meeting in Norway in 2011, followed by Sweden in 2013, Germany in 2015, Portugal in 2017 and Scotland in 2019.